Library Laura's July 2023 Reading Update

Let's talk about what I read in July! There's only 5 books (plus the #grownupspicturebookclub pick, Hot Dog, which I read earlier this year and didn't re-read) so it's an uncharacteristically short list. 

With a national holiday, buying/selling a vehicle, a MOPS Leadership team planning retreat, having family in town, followed by ear infections for me and the kiddo, my reading time was way less this month. It turns out it's absolutely miserable to try to listen to an audiobook when your ears hurt. And I was so tired I was falling asleep after only a few pages of Kindle bedtime reading. Alas.

Here's the complete list of books I read in July 2023.  And here's a link to my Instagram Live video talking about each of the books. 

My favorite book of the month was probably How to Find What You're Not Looking For. It's recent historical fiction and was really well-done. It also pairs well with A Place at the Table from last month's reading. All of my books were either middle grade books by author's I was already familiar with, or adult rom-coms, so I was definitely sticking with my comfort zone on reading. 

Lastly, here's some pictures and random updates from the month! Looking through pictures, it was a full and fun month, even in the midst of all the sickness and busyness. 

Nerdy and bookish bumper stickers on our new-to-us SUV. Thanks to my sister for calling Parnassus Books for a replacement sticker! 

This was probably my favorite book I read in July

Mommy's books are more fun to read than his own!

I met author Katherine Center thanks to a Olathe Library event! (This might have been in June but I haven't posted about it on the blog, so here we go!)
She's a fantastic public speaker and the event was a delight. Great to see Christin from Monarch Books and some of my KC Bookstagram buddies in real life too. She has a new book out, Hello Stranger, which I have yet to read but I've heard good things. She read us the Author's Note, which was lovely. 

Happy Independence Day from my patriotic boy. This was at our neighborhood bike/stroller parade. 

We've been enjoying visiting Little Free Libraries around the neighborhood on our walks. 

There's no such thing as too many Goodnight Moon parodies at our house. The Lab one was fun to have while my sister was visiting. 

Storytime with Aunt Rachel is the best. 

So cozy during stories with Aunt Rachel. 

Another walk, another LFL book. 

My parents came to visit on their way home from their summer travels. Our little guy figured out that his grandparents have names this trip, and has started referring to them as Gaga and Pa Bob. It's the cutest. 

Sock knitting and watching Sweet Magnolias new season 3 during my sickness/reading slump.
This was the show I binged in my early post-partum days with my baby, so it has a special place in my heart.

This book had beautiful illustrations! I wish I had felt better while reading it because it was actually good, it just felt like such a slog. But it's a 200 page middle grade book with several full page definitely a me problem on that one. Fascinating historical fiction adventure on the Silk Road. 

His book that I picked out as the summer reading program prize from Olathe Public Library. I was happy to have our own company after reading a library copy this spring for #grownupspicturebookclub.

On a walk with a stick. He's getting so big! 

The Summer Reading Celebration ending festivities at the Johnson County Library. "Funky Mama" performed and it was fun. 

I'd love to hear what you read lately or if you have any new releases you're looking forward to! Comment on the blog or come find me on Instagram...I'd love to hear from you! 

With lots of love from my library to yours! 
~ Laura 


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