Library Laura’s Reading Update — June 2023

Hi friends and fellow readers! 

We had a fun whirlwind of June and somehow 2023 is halfway over already. Can you believe it?! 


 We had a great road trip to see family and hang out near Lake Michigan. We also visited the Notre Dame Library and Brain Lair Books. Little man and I have been enjoying our summer, with lots of playground visits and water play. If we're not at a park with friends, you'll find me with my headphones in listening to an audiobook while my kiddo slides and swings. It's a win-win!

Lake Michigan was gorgeous! 

Daddy caught some fish 

Camping breakfasts 

Visiting a local bookstore 

Oversized tomes in the Notre Dame Library 

My sister’s book on the shelves in ND library 

Motherhood books 


Here's the list of books I read in June: 

And here's a link to my Instagram Live discussing the books! 

I recently decided I wanted to read all of Kelly Yang's books, which lead me to read Parachutes in June. (I've already read Private Label in July, so more on that later!)  I love all her middle grade books, but hadn't read any of her YA. Her YA handles some heavier themes and more adult content (not surprising) and both of them were compelling reads. But ultimately, I will remain a bigger fan of her middle grade! This should come as a shock to no one if you know my reading tastes. 

I also read Margaret Peterson Haddix's newest book, Falling Out Of Time, which had me thinking about the role technology plays in our lives. 

Odder by Katherine Applegate was a short and sweet book in poems about a sea otter. I didn't know there was a difference between river otters and sea otters, and I definitely didn't envision the ending of this book making me cry. 

The Many Meanings of Meilan by Andrea Wang was an imaginative family story, which took a great historical-fiction side story twist and reminded me a lot of Maizy Chen's Last Chance

A Place At The Table is written in two perspectives, one a Pakistani-American girl and one British-American-Jewish girl, and their budding friendship after they meet in cooking class. This book made me SO HUNGRY! I want to eat everything they learned how to make, and found myself wishing this was a cookbook. It was also a tender story of exploring friendship across cultural divides and finding common ground in different immigration experiences. 

Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams was a fun addition to a favorite romance author's publications. A small town with a flower shop, a handsome bodyguard, the fake dating trope, and a family that underestimates their "sweet sister" made for a great premise. 

The #GrownupsPictureBookClub pick for June was Red: A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall. It's often listed a Pride picture book and one can certainly read it that way. But more than that I think it is a book for anyone who feels labeled one way and unable to do what's expected of them given that label. Given my recent ADHD diagnosis, the themes of trying to live up to expectations and being unable to because of something I can't change felt very relatable. 

Bandersnatch Books asked me to read some ARC middle grade books for them, and both were great! They’re coming out in just a couple months and can already be preordered. Here’s what I thought of them:

I loved waltzing into a ballroom scene that reminded me of Jane Austen, then embarking on an unexpected journey with the endearing and relatable Harper siblings. The Balter of Ashton Harper demonstrates that even an anxious soul can learn to dance freely, if not expertly, through life. Millie Florence nails the sibling dynamic and the world building in this charming middle grade novel.  
Reminiscent of The Giver and A Wrinkle in Time, The Red Door is a middle-grade dystopian tale that I would highly recommend to readers both young and old. I loved the relationships between the characters. The setting and imagery was vivid. And the dilemmas Aster faced throughout kept me turning the pages. She’s a true hero. 


I’d love to hear more about what you’ve been reading lately! Comment here or come hang out with me on Instagram. 

Until next time, with lots of literary love from my library to yours! 



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