Library Laura's 2020 Gift Guide

 I've made a list of some of my favorite gifts to give or receive, plus things we've been loving at our house this year. Perhaps you'll find the perfect stocking stuffer, Christmas gift, or holiday surprise for your family and friends here!  

I have to let you know that these links are almost all affiliate links, and I may receive compensation if you make purchases through them. Thanks so much for your support! 

Staying Cozy

Barefoot dreams cardigan - My mom received one of these last year and she loves it. She had to defend it when my sister visited because she wanted to wear it the whole time. It's a luxurious sweater that is so cozy and wonderful. 

This cozy sherpa blanket - My sweet friend bought this blanket for me a few years ago and it remains one of my favorites. It's soft faux fur on one side and sherpa on the other and it's glorious. 

For the Reader in Your Life

Books! Books! And more BOOKS! Click here visit my Shop and see all the books I've talked about with guests on the podcast this year, plus all the books I've read in the past few months. If you're stumped on what to buy for your friend or family member, message me on Instagram, email me, or comment below and we'll see if we can find a recommendation for you! 

 If I had to pick favorite two books that I want people to read, right now would be The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart (a "found family" middle grade contemporary fiction) and Lovely War by Julie Berry (WWI historical fiction narrated by the Greek gods) 

Bookish accessories: 

Audiobooks - give the gift of a great story for your friend who is always on the go and doesn't sit down to read. Or for the reader who wants even more stories! There are two great options - Libro.FM,which supports independent bookstores, and then Audible

Wireless headphones - I received these wireless headphones as a gift last year and they're wonderful. Perfect for listening to audiobooks and podcasts! 

Advent books - my family read this 25 Days of Christmas book for several years running and it's just lovely. It has a short story for each day and several of them (like the Christmas Room) have become part of our family traditions. A friend of ours just published a book of Advent readings about Christmas Carols that looks wonderful as well (my copy is coming in the mail this week). 

Other Hobbies

Nerd shirts - Pick your kind of nerd, pick your nerdy shirt. 

Knitting supplies - I picked up knitting again this year and it's been great. My biggest investment into that hobby this year was the set of interchangeable circular needles (plus this type of case) that I bought. They are amazing. If you are a knitter or you love a knitter, this would be a fantastic gift.  I also bought this set of double-pointed knitting needles, which has also been super useful. 

What's in Your Mug? 

For the Kitchen

Silicone baking cups - For the friend who is always making muffins and cupcakes. Now they will never run out of tin liners again! Plus I love these rainbow colors...they're so happy. 

Metal clips - I bought these to use as chip clips, but they are cute and they work great for many other uses as well. I wasn't sure I needed 50...but now I am glad I have so many! 

Games for All Ages

For the younger kids: 

Twister Shapes game - This looked like a fun variation on the classic Twister. Especially if you're shopping for kids or your friend who is now homeschooling their preschoolers thanks to the pandemic, this might make a fun gift! 

Water Drawing Mat - I got to play with one of these while babysitting twin 4-year-olds and it's amazing. No mess and lots of fun. They can practice shapes, letters, and numbers, or let their artistic selves go free! 

Board games - we love, LOVE, love, board games at our house! Here are some of our current favorites: 

  • Settlers of Catan - Build roads and towns, trade resources, and get the most points before your opponents do. Best for 3-4 players (unless you buy the expansion, or use two-person rules
  • Tiny Towns - You get a grid on which to build your town. Players take turns choosing resources and everyone playing has to take and use that resource (even if you didn't want it) to build buildings in your town. Buildings are worth points, and the highest scoring city wins. It reminds me of both tetris and Catan combined. 
  • Carcassonne - Using one tile per turn, players build a map of cities, farms and roads on which they stake their claim for points. It's easy to play (just pick a tile and place it on the board each turn), but still requires skill to get good at it. Kinda like dominoes and catan had a baby? 
  • Code Names - This is a fun word game that works for larger groups as you split up into two teams. Each team's clue giver must say one word, and then how many cards that word is a clue for. The rest of the team must figure out which cards to pick from these one-word clues. It's not an easy game, but ends up being hilarious and fun as well. 
  • Forbidden Island  - This is a cooperate game, where you work together to gather all the treasure from the island and evacuate before your island sinks. It's one skill level easier than Pandemic, but still very fun. There is also Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Sky, which we have heard good things about but not played yet. 
  • Bang: The Dice Game - I love this game so much! In this game, you might be the sheriff, an outlaw, the deputy, or the renegade. Each dice roll you get a chance to shoot another player, gain health by drinking beer, and more. It's a fast and fun game. It reminds me a bit of the "mafia" game I grew up playing, too. 
  • Photosynthesis - In this beautiful game, tensions rise as you compete against your opponents for the sunlight you need to grow your trees. 
  • Sushi Go! - I bought this cute card game for my niece and nephews last year. It was a bit difficult to learn, but it ended up being pretty fun. 
  • Pandemic - What a year 2020 has been! Memorialize it by buying this cooperative game for your family!  If you don't want to think about the pandemic that much, you can always try the Fall of Rome version which might not hit as close to home. 
  • Splendor - We've played this one with friends and it is strategic and fun. 

Video games - these games have been popular at our house this year. 

Home and Decor

Kari Jobe "The Blessing" art prints - We bought this and hung them in our living room. I love this song and it's such a great reminder to have in our home. 

Succulents and pothos plants - Plants make great gifts. I've actually had terrible luck with live succulents and finally bought fake ones this year. But my Pothos is the happiest it's ever been. Go figure! 

This fluffy, neutral rug - We bought this rug to put on the hardwood floor in our living room and it's perfect. If you follow me on Instagram, I take book pictures on this rug all the time. It's deeply fluffy and soft. I don't have pets or children, so I can't personally speak to that aspect of it, but it works great for the two of us, and I know several people with dogs and kids who like it too.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and lots of successful gift giving! 

With lots of literary love from my library to yours....



  1. This is a great blog as I LOVE to read!! Thanks for featuring my book!


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